page title icon S2 EP7: Current Crop

The footballing paths trodden by the Corinthian-Casuals side are long and varied. From as far afield as Australia and Belgium, and featuring clubs right at the very top of the English game, the players have often seen it all before they walk through the gates at King George’s Field.

But they all have one thing in common – they’ve all fallen in love with this famous old club hidden away off a slip road on the A3.

These are the stories of the men who make up the team today, told through four voices in the present day first team dressing room: Robert Paratore, Ben Cheklit, Danny Bracken and Kieron Cadogan.

Dominic and Jarek are also joined by club volunteer Stuart Tree, who knows the first team well through his involvement as club photographer and programme editor. 

Written, produced and presented by Jarek Zaba and Dominic Bliss

Editing: Jarek Zaba
Audio engineering: Brent Davies
Title music: John Forrest
Artwork: Matt Alabaster
Website: Chris Kelly