page title icon S2 EP6: The Russians Are Coming!

The list of international teams that the Corinthian-Casuals have visited is long, weird and wonderful. But perhaps one of the most unusual ties in the club’s history features them as hosts rather than visitors. 

In 1991 a squad of the Soviet Union’s greatest former player came to Tolworth. As if this wasn’t weird enough, their home country was all but being dissolved at this precise moment. 

We’ve delved deep into this remarkable fixture, speaking to Steve Bangs, the first time manager at the time who played in the Veterans game; Gary Brigden, at the time the club’s first time goalkeeper but a spectator for this tie; and Manuel Veth, a Soviet football historian who places this bizarre tour into context. 

Written, produced and presented by Jarek Zaba and Dominic Bliss

Editing: Jarek Zaba
Audio engineering: Brent Davies
Title music: John Forrest
Artwork: Matt Alabaster
Website: Chris Kelly