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7. Broadway to Budapest

In June 2019 the Corinthian-Casuals were given a special opportunity to travel to Hungary to participate in the inaugural Egri Erbstein Tournament and compete for the new Corinthian Cup. Broadway to Budapest travelled with the club for a bonus episode, telling the story of the tournament’s origins with one of football’s forgotten pioneers, and covering … Read more

6. Big in Brazil

From South Africa to Japan, via a hugely significant stop in Brazil, these tales more than any other underline just why the Casuals are such a unique entity in English non league football. After Jarek recounts how Corinth’s original journeys led to the birth of a São Paulo club who became champions of the world, … Read more

5. Hythes and Lows

Broadway to Brazil is there to chronicle the thrilling conclusion to the 2017/18, as Corinthian-Casuals aim for promotion to the Bostik Premier Division following heartbreak in the previous two years. Late goals, penalty shoot drama and unexpected twists and turns all contribute to a rollercoaster ride.  To help tell the tale, the podcast delves deeper … Read more

4. It Takes A Village

Having looked at the on-field success yielded by the club’s players and management, Broadway to Brazil was also there to explore the Corinthian-Casuals’ tight knit community of volunteers, whose behind-the-scenes devotion ensures the club’s survival week in week out. From beanie hats to pitch maintenance via cheesy chips and stadium construction, this bumper length episode … Read more

3. Bracken to Broadway

In the 2017/18 season the Corinthian-Casuals first team, led by charismatic manager James Bracken, defied the odds and challenged for promotion despite not paying their players. This episode explores the short yet success-ridden coaching career of Bracken thus far, including two recent heartbreaking seasons at the Casuals, speaking to players past and present – as … Read more

2. Crush The Shamateurs

In episode 02 of Broadway To Brazil, the team connect the dots between the Victorian era, where the original Corinthian FC were almost the Harlem Globetrotters of their time, to the present day, which has seen Corinthian-Casuals continuously struggle to secure its own future. Father and son cricketing legends Alec and Micky Stewart explain their … Read more

1. Broadway to Brazil

In our opening episode, host Jarek Zaba wanders the streets of Tolworth Broadway to find out just how much the man and woman on the street know about their local football side, Corinthian-Casuals FC. An apparent lack of local knowledge is contrasted to São Paulo resident Rafael Pedroso, an enthusiastic recent visitor to Tolworth, while … Read more