March 12, 2018

03 Bracken to Broadway

Episode 03 sees the Broadway to Brazil team step away from the fascinating history of the Corinthian-Casuals, and peer into the no less interesting plight of the current squad. For in recent years the first team – led by charismatic manager James Bracken – have been defying the odds and vying for promotion from the Bostik South Division, despite the fact that they do not a penny to their players, unlike almost all of their peers.

As well as charting the short yet success-ridden coaching career of Bracken thus far, including two recent heartbreaking seasons at the Casuals, B2B speaks to players past and present to try and establish just what it is that has enabled the young coach to propel the team up the league. Meanwhile former England international and Premier League footballer Stan Collymore makes an appearance and offers his thoughts on the amateur achievements, as the Casuals vie for that elusive promotion in 2017/18 after two hugely unlucky recent attempts.

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