December 27, 2017

02 Crush The Shamateurs

In episode 02 of Broadway To Brazil, the team connect the dots between the Victorian era, where the original Corinthian FC were almost the Harlem Globetrotters of their time, to the present day, which has seen Corinthian-Casuals continously struggle to secure its own future. 

Why does the history of both Corinthian FC and Casuals FC dictate a modern day refusal to pay their players, unlike all of their peers at the same level? How did they compete in the era of ‘shamateurism’ – which saw the widespread practice of illicitly paying players under the table? How do they compete in the present day, where they remain the highest paid amateur team in the English football league system? 

Among others father and son cricketing legends Alec and Micky Stewart and Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler – all of whom have lined up in the pink and brown of Corinthian-Casuals – help to paint a picture of proud amateurs playing for the love of a game in a world increasingly dominated by professionalism and commerce. 

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