Over the 2017/18 season Creative Brain Media is telling the remarkable story of Corinthian-Casuals, last year’s Bostik League South playoff finalists and a club with an extraordinary tale.

The Broadway to Brazil team are speaking with players, supporters, coaches, historians, writers, commentators, and general eccentrics associated with the club. They will be looking at the origins of a club that once was one of the country’s most famous – still the only side to have provided the entire XI for an England line up – all while following the modern incarnation’s fortunes this season. 

How is it that Corinthians still hold the record for Manchester United’s biggest defeat, and were once considered the game’s first global superstars? 

What is their connection with Real Madrid? 

And why on earth are they so loved in Brazil? 

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Latest Episodes

In our opening episode, the Broadway to Brazil team set the scene for the journey ahead. Host Jarek Zaba wanders the streets of Tolworth Broadway to find out just how much the man and woman on the street know about their local football side, Corinthian-Casuals FC; we catch up with Sao Paulo resident Rafael Pedroso to discover just why he felt the compulsion to visit this anonymous suburban area when he first landed in London; and we speak to the club’s manager James Bracken to find out more about the challenges of running an entirely amateur football side in a largely semi professional league.